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Successful business owners, executives, and top athletes all utilize coaches. Coaching can provide an objective look at your goals and help guide you through the how-to of achieving them.


Our consulting services include marketing plan development and reviews, strategy sessions, and brand audits.

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The 7 Steps to Marketing Success – Building Your Marketing System

July 30, 2014 from 7:30 am to 9:00 am Santa Rosa, United States You’re great at what you do. So, why isn’t business flowing in like it should? You’ve probably heard the saying about business owners being so busy working IN their business that they forget to work ON their business. Have you found this […]

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The Definition of Marketing

What is the definition of ‘marketing’? You know you need to market your business. But, what does that really mean? The definition of marketing gives you insights into exactly what you should be doing to market your business. As a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, we define marketing as: Getting someone, who has a need, to […]

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98% of People Who Get it Right Make an Assumption

Before I came to work today, I was at home scanning Facebook and I came across a post that had received a ton of shares and comments. One of those posts that sucks you in so you can prove to yourself and the world that you actually aren’t an idiot… I’m a sucker for those! […]

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