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Successful business owners, executives, and top athletes all utilize coaches. Coaching can provide an objective look at your goals and help guide you through the how-to of achieving them.


Our consulting services include marketing plan development and reviews, strategy sessions, and brand audits.

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Are You Focusing on the Wrong Things?

If I ask you the simple question, “What’s the point of any business?” What will you say? Hopefully, the answer includes; to make money, fill a need in the market, solve a problem, impact the world in a better way, etc. Right, now I’m going to say objective number one is to make money, because […]

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Conversion Optimization: Getting the Most Out of Your Website Traffic

Having a website is a must for all small businesses today. Getting targeted organic traffic to your company website is also critical, but that’s another story. In this post we will delve into the challenge of conversation optimization – that is, getting visitors from your existing website traffic to pull the trigger on your site’s […]

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Diversification is Key to Marketing

Depending on one media type to bring you a steady flow of business is very risky. Lately, social media sites and search engines have been making a lot of changes to keep up with their competition and please their users. What does this mean for the business owner? Many so-called systems for making these platforms […]

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